About Us

We are a niche design studio that specializes in book cover design.

Maria Novillo Saravia

Maria Novillo Saravia | Founder and Art Director

María is a Graphic Designer from FAECC, with more than 20 years of experience in branding and corporate identity. Having worked as a freelance designer for clients from all around the world, she is fluent in several languages and has a valuable multi-cultural background. She started the business in 2012, working from home with her baby Francisca on her lap.

Victoria Novillo Saravia

Victoria Novillo Saravia | Founder

Unable to keep a job for more than three months, she managed to convince her established and successful sister María to invest all her savings into BEAUTeBOOK´s start-up. As the only non-talented member of the team, she takes care of all business chores that diva-like designers refuse to care about, like Marketing, Finance, or IT.

Click on the link below to see Maria and Victoria in the early days of their partnership.