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eBook formatting

eBook Formatting

In addition to a best seller look, your ebook should provide a good reading experience for your readers.

The advantages of a well-built eBook file are:

  • It looks professional in any reading device.
  • It allows the reader to profit from all available digital tools (table of contents, dictionaries, bookmarks, search engine, notes, etc.).
  • It has the smallest file size, which saves you money since main publishers like Amazon charge a size proportional fee. A small file size is also appreciated by the readers because of their fastest download and file handling easiness.
  • Images are optimized and inserted with the flexibility that a digital format needs
  • Metadata, which is a set of information attached to the eBook (like Title, Author, Genre, Keywords, etc) that allows classification and optimized library or publishing searches. Metadata is also an important feature for book marketing.

The main eBook formats are ePub and Mobi. The ePub format is the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF)'s official standard, designed for reflowable content and compatible with all reading devices.

The Mobi format is Amazon's propietary standard for its Kindle reading device. Although the latest Amazon format is the KF8 since the release of the Kindle Fire, Amazon is still requiring that ebooks are uploaded in the Mobi format to ensure backwards compatibility with older reading devices. That is why a Mobi eBook is significantly larger than an ePub eBook: it contains both the KF8 and the Mobi formats in the same file.

While the Mobi eBook format is the optimal file for Amazon, the ePub eBook Format is the one prefered by all othe major publishers like Barnes&Noble or Apple's iStore. This is why BEAUTeBOOK's eBook Conversion Services provides those two versions of your book.

Word to ePub and Mobi

To order the eBook conversion service you need to provide a final manuscript in either Microsoft Word or Open Office format. For best results, you are welcome to watch our Word Tutorial for Authors. If your book has up to 10 images and no tables or other special elements, the eBook format service fee is $ 150 and you can order it here.

PDF to ePub and Mobi

We also provide more complex eBook conversion services, like PDF to EPUB and PDF to MOBI , but the cost depends on the quality of the source file, so you are welcome to submit your PDF and request a special quote to [email protected] or by filling out the Contact Us form.

Print On Demand

If, in addition to publishing your eBook online, you are planning to sell your book through a print-on-demand platform, like CreateSpace, we can produce a ready to upload PDF file for an extra $75 fee, just make sure you check this option and indicate the trim size in the comments section when you fill out the order form .