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Website design for authors

We noticed that independent authors like to do everything themselves, and that usually they have a very basic website built on WordPress that lacks the flexibility they need, or a custom website where they have to contact a system administrator and wait for days to make any change happen. This is why we are launching this new Web Design service, to provide you with a professional looking site which you can manage yourself through a very friendly user interface. This is how it works:

What you provide:

  • Content: If you don't have anything yet we will provide you with a form to fill out sections like About Me, Books, Contact, Social Media links, etc. If you already have a blog, we can import it so it will be integrated to the website and you can post from it.
  • Pictures: Pictures of you, covers from your books, anything you would like to include.
  • Social media accounts: we don't need your login credentials, just your user name, and your site will have Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn an other sharing links that will boost your website's reach.
  • Your domain: If you don't have one, we will help you to register one. The yearly cost of maintaining a ".com" domain is around $15.
  • Your hosting: If you don't have one, and don't know what that is, we will help you opening an account in one of the major providers.
    The cost of hosting is up to $100 per year.

What we provide:

  • Professional Web Design
  • Name logo design for branding
  • Functionalities like mailing list suscription, contests, surveys and/or contact forms, and social media links to your existing profiles.
  • Basic SEO
  • A site built on an open source CMS, which you can manage yourself
  • A brief YouTube video tutorial recorded on your website, so each time you need to update you remember how to do it.

What we don't provide:

  • Support: We will answer your questions during the first month after launching your website, but we do not provide web maintenance or support services.

The bottom line is that you get a professional website that looks awesome,
that has a rock-solid technical built, and best of all, that you can update and manage yourself.